B Week

B Week

  • A Level Business

    A Level Business


The Business A Level Course considers how businesses, local, national or international, operate – and the effect of the external business environment. As well as this, students will have the opportunity to study business functional areas, where tasks are differentiated into specialist areas, such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Operations Management.

In Year 2, the main emphasis will be on business strategy: its nature, development and implementation, plus a critical evaluation in the context of specific organisational and business situations to solve problems and make decisions. This also includes all aspects of the globalisation of business in today’s modern world.

Overall, this course will help students to develop their key skills analytical and evaluative skills, which are highly prized by higher education and employers.

Entry Requirements

No prior knowledge of business is necessary; however, if GCSE Business has been taken, a Grade 4 is required.

Curriculum Overview & Exam Information

We have included curriculum overviews as well as exam information to support students and parents/carers to have a better and broader understanding of how learning develops in each year group. The curriculum overview documents below indicate: the knowledge, skills and understanding that students will gain, how this unit builds on prior learning, and what mastery will look like for each year group.