Braintree Post 16 Careers Fair

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Braintree Post 16 Careers Fair

Braintree Sixth Form was well represented yesterday at the Braintree Post 16 Careers Fair by Verity Forster and Nabil Butcher who were on hand to inform the next generation of potential sixth form students about life at BSF.

Nabil and Verity who are both in Year 13 provided indepth information about the courses on offer at BSF, what the facilities were like for students and how their own experiences had helped them develop as confident young adults.  The students who they spoke to were appreciative of their input as they valued the insight that they gave which a marketing prospectus fails to communicate.

On conclusion, this was an excellent event and Nabil and Verity also benefited from this as they had to deal with a variety of questions and they also had to adapt from being a student to formally representing the Sixth Form at a prestigious marketing event.



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