Kamal Hyman - Motivational Speaker

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Kamal Hyman - Motivational Speaker

Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form were pleased to host Kamal Hyman for a series of motivational speeches which he delivered to Year 13, Year 12 and Year 10 on October 17. 

Kamal currently runs his own business and has had a number of previous occupations up until this point.  He was able to draw upon these experiences and deliver a presentation that fully engaged the students who heard it.  Kamal spoke about how he had evolved his life to grasp the opportunities that he engineered for himself and how desire, inspiration and determination played a part in him reaching his goals.  He was then able to use this to make the audience reflect upon their goals and for them to determine how best to achieve these.  The presentation was down to earth, well-pitched and humble in its style. It also mixed in a unique style of entertainment and humour which grasped the attention of the audience and reinforced the message further.  The sixth form student who I spoke to enjoyed the presentation and saw the serious message that it transmitted. We wish to thank Kamal and his team for their attendance today and as a sixth form community, we look forward to seeing him again shortly.

Mr R Miller
Acting Head of Sixth Form

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