Psychology Presentations

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Psychology Presentations

Year 12 psychology students have given a series of interesting presentations on a topic area of their choice, relating to psychological theory and research. They spent two weeks of lesson and home learning time to decide on an area, research the topic and then present back to their class. 

Students were encouraged to research a topic area that they had not covered in lesson time and as a result, we have seen some great topics ranging from ‘What is Autism?’, ‘Why do we believe in the paranormal?’, ‘What makes a serial killer?’ ‘Animal psychology’, ‘The psychology of a goalkeeper’, ‘Is gender a social construct?’

The research and presentation has given students a good introduction to the EPQ and a good basis for the requirements of independent study and motivation and it has been great to witness students’ enthusiasm for the subject grow as a result of applying psychology to a topic of their choice.

“I enjoyed doing the projects because it helped with my independent learning and it meant I could research things that I was personally interested in. Also, as I'm interested in the EPQ it helped me to understand what it will be like in terms of independent research when completing it.” Paige Bartlett

“I enjoyed creating my presentation as it allowed me to study a topic in psychology that I was interested in, which was different to the topics we are studying in class.” Isabella Coffey 


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