Bus Travel

For detailed information, telephone Traveline on 0114 22 11 282, or visit their website: 

Financial Assistance for Travel

If you live further than 3 miles from Braintree Sixth Form and this is your nearest course provider, you may be entitled to free public transport. To qualify for free travel your parents must be claiming certain benefits including Child Tax Credits and/or Working Tax Credit or have a total income of less than £16,495 per annum. If neither of these criteria apply to you and you live further than 3 miles away from the Centre, you may be asked to make a contribution towards travel.

Please call 0845 603 2200 for further information or to apply for Post 16 travel assistance. Alternatively, visit

Travel issues with cars and motorbikes.

Students who wish to attend the sixth form on motorbikes or scooters will need to have written permission from the Head of Sixth Form to bring their vehicle on site. Permission will be conditional upon satisfying the sixth form that:

  1. the student has a valid license
  2. the student can use the equipment responsibly
  3. the vehicle is roadworthy and properly insured

A part of the planning consent for the sixth form was the assurance that we would not provide parking spaces for sixth form students who wish to drive, as this would lead to increased traffic on local roads. The sixth form therefore is unable to give permission for students to drive in to the sixth form.

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