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  • Extended Project Qualification

    Extended Project Qualification


All students studying A levels will additionally have the opportunity to undertake the AQA Extended Project Qualification, beginning in May of Year 12. The Extended Project is a 5000 word (or equivalent) extended study which involves pupils in independent research on a topic of their choice. Their study can be based around the production of an essay, artefact or performance. This is a level 3 qualification which appears on the UCAS tariff table and can be awarded up to A*. 

The project provides students with the opportunity to develop the kind of independent research skills and organisational abilities required for successful university study and as such it is highly regarded by admissions officers. Students are supported by a project supervisor and additional timetabled sessions are provided. 

Organisational skills, motivation and commitment are essential as students are responsible for meeting all deadlines and managing the reading, write up and final presentation of their findings.

2022 exam results
83% A*-B grades

EPQ examples from 2022

Do the benefits of using CRISPR-CAS9 gene therapy outweigh the drawbacks in the treatment of HIV and Cardiovascular disease? ​

To what extent is the media positively influencing the development of women’s football?

A comparison of liberal and illiberal democracy – what is the effect of each on protection of individual rights and liberties.

How are female characters portrayed in fairy tales and how does this affect our perspectives on femininity and gender?